Jane Brendgen

Jane has extensive experience working in the field of organisational and personal development, delivering individual coaching and workshops for global corporations and NHS Trusts.

Her academic background includes an MSc in mindfulness-based approaches (with distinction) from Bangor University where she undertook her mindfulness teacher training. She has an honours degree in music, a post-graduate diploma in education and has completed further studies in coaching, psychology and psychotherapy. 

Mindfulness is integral to Jane’s life and work and she is passionate about bringing the benefits of it to individuals and into the workplace. 

Jane has been invited to speak at numerous conferences including the 2013 BACP practitioners’ conference where she was one of the keynote speakers.  She has a long-standing daily mindfulness practice, is committed to ongoing silent ad ID retreat practice and is deeply appreciative of the benefits of personal and interpersonal meditation in her everyday life.

Jane lives in the beautiful town of Lewes and loves walking in the South Downs.