Mindfulness is about living each moment - making the most of the world around you every day.


We're all mindful to some extent but with practice you can increase that. That can raise your level of emotional intelligence, improve your relationships and reduce your levels of stress. Mindfulness training literally re-sculpts your brain. It helps you discover a natural state of mind in which you are focused, present and aware.

Over the past forty years, mindfulness exercises have been taught with great effect in behavioural medicine and mental health settings, in corporations, schools, law courts, prisons, government agencies - and even the UK Houses of Parliament.

There's a considerable body of research that speaks of the effectiveness of mindfulness in a wide variety of contexts.

NICE (the UK’s National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) recommends mindfulness and meditation as a frontline treatment for relapsing depression. It's equally life enhancing for those just living busy lives who feel they've more to offer. Mindfulness is for everyone.