Mindfulness in Eight Weeks

This is the book that accompanies the eight week foundation course that we offer. It is one of the most comprehensive and easy to follow around.

“Mindfulness in 8 Weeks is the manual for how to learn and practise on your own” – Ruby Wax

“A great book for both novices and those familiar with mindfulness practice – I highly recommend it” – Mark Williams (Co-Author of the bestselling Mindfulness: A practical guide to peace in a frantic world)

“The ideas and practices discussed here truly change lives” – Dr. John Teasdale, (Co-Author of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression)


The Mindful Workplace

This book offers a practical and theoretical guide to the benefitsof Mindfulness–Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) in the workplace,describing the latest neuroscience research into the effects ofmindfulness training and detailing an eight–week mindfulnesstraining course. 

  • Provides techniques which allow people in organizations to listen more attentively, communicate more clearly, manage stress and foster strong relationships
  • Includes a complete eight–week mindfulness training course,specifically customized for workplace settings, along with furtherreading and training resources

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